#ItsSadWhen you feel that someone special or a close friend is becoming distant towards you.

Have you ever felt that someone who was so close to you suddenly become distant? In just a blink of an eye a friendship or a relationship was slowly fading away? That you don’t even know in the first place how did it happened. You even tried to confront that person asking if something is wrong and then they’ll say “No, nothings wrong.” Then that person will ask for your forgiveness because he or she have been neglecting and been taking you for granted and because you are such a kind human being you’ll accept their apology and then you suddenly feel that you guys are becoming distant again. You suddenly feel tired with this whole thing that you don’t even want to think for a second and say “Why don’t I try to give it again another chance?” Sometimes you even ask yourself why, why do you feel this way? That person can confront you if he or she find that there is something wrong. But now, you feel that you are done fixing this thing that you don’t want to make an effort anymore and you feel like quitting. You are tired asking that person and get the same reply. If that person still want to fix this then that person should make a move and make an effort because honestly you won’t make a move anymore because you are already tired with this cycle.

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